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mercredi 14 décembre 2011


According to the last result, there was about 3 dead + the killer death and about 140 wounded civils

It apears that the killer had 5 grenads in his bag (plus the 3 he already launch) and 9 Ammopack for his FAL...
The victims are some student aged of 15 and 17 y.o.  and a baby aged of 15 month...

This is not the first time that a man decided to shoot on civils, but this was the first and the more important attack that ever been comit in belgium.

The man who had to go to the police to talk about a sexual affair have decided to open fire on people who was waiting the bus.
he launched 3 grenades and started to shoot with a FAL...

This is the face of the killer

Picture of the shooter after he killed himself

After the shoot time 

6 commentaires:

  1. Friggin nut case plain and simple, anyone to do that deserves to rot.

  2. I can see the devil on his eyes.

  3. This guy is clearly crazy to begin with. Why did no one stop him sooner?

  4. It was dreadful to hear of this, the small child that was killed made me cry last night. Thoughts and love go the the families.