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samedi 19 février 2011

worlds champions

A few days ago, Belgium has beaten a world record
one of the longest time without any government.
It's now been over 210 days since Belgium haven't any federal government.
actually it does not change things for the people, because it just means that new laws can be voted yet.
But since the last month, signs of decline of foreign investments apear.
we'v estimated that investments are absorbed by France and Germany.

vendredi 18 février 2011

about salaries

Currently, the average salary of a Belgian is about 1 150 after paying taxes.
Knowing that a beef steak cost about € 5 generaly, a 6-pack beverage costs 9 (for ICE TEA), there was recently an increase in poverty in Belgium.
Historically, Belgium has been a global economic power until the arrival of the socialists governance for Wallonia (after WW2). 

From that point, Wallonia become more poor years after years, and Flanders became more rich

Unemployment in Wallonia reached between 14 and 18% (2010 - with 4 000 000 of population)

in Flanders it reached 5.81%. (2010 - with 6 000 000 of population)

jeudi 17 février 2011

today information about BELGIUM

Today we gonna have a short "talk" about taxes in belgium

In belgium, there is a re-distribution of money after taxes.
Some people are taxe about 55% of their salaries
we have the higer VAT and Taxes in europe (in the world ?)

we also have one of the best social security (some people can received more than 1500€ without doing anything).

mercredi 16 février 2011

Here is a short movie about belgium (made by a belgian, against belgium)

mardi 15 février 2011

Actualy there is no governement because :

Actualy belgium haven't any governement,
we've voted 2 times this year, but after 200days we still haven't any governement, Why ? because flanders population want the die of belgium.

They want 2 new country, the flanders and the wallonia(or belgium²)
i hope belgium will always be the same but there are so many trouble with politics

we will see the result of negociation tonight.

lundi 14 février 2011

belgium is...

in fact, Belgium is a complicated country
it is a country separated in two large parties in which are divided in 10 parties
5 in Flande
5 in Wallonia
Flanders governed by the Flemish parliament
Wallonia governed by the Walloon parliament.
There's also a small German community who is counted as Walloon.

The Walloons speak French, the Flemish-speaking Flanders.
and to managed these two communities (Flemish and Walloon) There's another government, the federal government.

Actualy, belgium have no federal governement.

dimanche 13 février 2011


come back again :D
yes i know, i've some long absence sometimes, that's because i've too much things to do in same times, so i let this blog without news to save times :)

be sure i'm sorry if i let you without news, but be sure that i'll try to be there as possible

And a friend of mine ask me how to use blogger because he want to create a blog on COD Black ops, so it's normal if i have a new blog call "Gameblogfrompoups".

I hope that you'll keep enjoying coming here to have some news from a little belgian who live without any governement.

And i ask myself about making a post that explicate how work my country (governent, politic, ...)
will you like it ? or may i will post other content :)

keep follow :)