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dimanche 13 février 2011


come back again :D
yes i know, i've some long absence sometimes, that's because i've too much things to do in same times, so i let this blog without news to save times :)

be sure i'm sorry if i let you without news, but be sure that i'll try to be there as possible

And a friend of mine ask me how to use blogger because he want to create a blog on COD Black ops, so it's normal if i have a new blog call "Gameblogfrompoups".

I hope that you'll keep enjoying coming here to have some news from a little belgian who live without any governement.

And i ask myself about making a post that explicate how work my country (governent, politic, ...)
will you like it ? or may i will post other content :)

keep follow :)

6 commentaires:

  1. your country doesnt have a government? thats pretty awesome. i should move ther

  2. Great blog, Im totally following you now. Check out my blog to if youd like.

  3. No Government. You lucky man! Welcome back.