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mardi 31 août 2010


wow, it's amazing, i'm surprise of the "interest" that "i've" made ! :o

i was sure to be alone on this little blog, than i see here that i've a lot of people come to my blog !!!!!!
so first, i wanna thanks all my friends around the world who speak about this blog
(prescilia - Germany, Leslie - USA, pascal - poland, jeremy - Alaska)
and of course, they most haven't a blogger account (hope they will soon)
so i have to thanks also my new followers, most of you help me to believe in my blog and i hope you'll take plaisur to watch my blog as i take to write some "news"
i promess you to continue posting and hope my english will be better (of course you can now traduce all with the little flag up)
continue to talking about my blog around you please !!!

and hope i can meet you during my travel around the world :)

Will become in a few time :
some pack of rar countening Wallpapers
some pack of rar countening fail pictures
new post of "informations" and other share

of course, you can "investing" in me for my travel by donate, of course i know you can't give me tousand of $ or € but just a send of 0,10$/€ can make the difference, in exchange, give me a name to wrigt on a T-Shirt wich will be on pictures i'll take  in my travel  thanks in advance

if you have any idea about a new post, please tell me :)


How to: Add Link Bucks to your Blog

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2) Select either a SINGLE link or MULTIPLE Links

2-A) If you selected MULTIPLE, grab the HTML code from your blog post, then post it in the box, it will give you NEW HTML code to replace with the old blog post code.

3) Add in the link you want to forward, choose INTERMISSION (Unless you like the other options)

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Now, as users click on the links, they will be shortly forwarded through linkbucks, and onto the target link. By sacrificing a small amount of time, they can help generate some funding for you!

Hope you enjoyed!
[this tread is a copy of the same from ]

"do you know"

today we gonna speak about a "funny" guy who sent a lot of video on youtube,
he talk about everything, from viral video (buzz) to fail video,
most of you maybe know him, maybe not, but if you have a few time to lost
here is the link of his channel

His name is, of course, ray william johnson 

Wireless charge pad and case for iPhone 3G / 3GS


if you don't know, it's now possible to charge your mobile phone wireless, here is 2 site

have a nice day :)





site reporting about : 

English version  :
French version  :

What about a Fail pack

Hi every body
here is a new post about the Fail of life
i actually ask my self about making a fail pack wich will countains a lot of fail pictures
or an other made of stupid/funny pictures...

maybe later :)


hey guy, just wanna explain you how to make me happy :)
just vote for this pretty girl !!!

on this site by voting for N°8 (prescilia Lalji)

or by sending sms 

"ML 08" at 3250

lundi 30 août 2010

all starting

Que les choses commencent, bientot une foule de postes vont arrivées et tout déchirée
en Anglais comme en francais, sur tout et a propos de tout

here is just the begening
in a few time all will be in english and french, like that all every body can follow the news :-)

Here we are