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mardi 31 août 2010


wow, it's amazing, i'm surprise of the "interest" that "i've" made ! :o

i was sure to be alone on this little blog, than i see here that i've a lot of people come to my blog !!!!!!
so first, i wanna thanks all my friends around the world who speak about this blog
(prescilia - Germany, Leslie - USA, pascal - poland, jeremy - Alaska)
and of course, they most haven't a blogger account (hope they will soon)
so i have to thanks also my new followers, most of you help me to believe in my blog and i hope you'll take plaisur to watch my blog as i take to write some "news"
i promess you to continue posting and hope my english will be better (of course you can now traduce all with the little flag up)
continue to talking about my blog around you please !!!

and hope i can meet you during my travel around the world :)

Will become in a few time :
some pack of rar countening Wallpapers
some pack of rar countening fail pictures
new post of "informations" and other share

of course, you can "investing" in me for my travel by donate, of course i know you can't give me tousand of $ or € but just a send of 0,10$/€ can make the difference, in exchange, give me a name to wrigt on a T-Shirt wich will be on pictures i'll take  in my travel  thanks in advance

if you have any idea about a new post, please tell me :)


16 commentaires:

  1. I'd enjoy a pack of wallpapers for sure bro.

  2. I would love new wallpapers, please!

  3. waiting on the rars

    checking in until then

  4. wallpapers would be tight

  5. rar rawr!!!
    come to my blog dude, and read towards the bottom of the top post, and msg me!

  6. hi bro, nice blog you have..
    i'll surely follow you :)
    keep it up!

  7. became interested in your blog :3

  8. bored browsin and showin support. View me bro?

  9. doing my daily rounds. please return the favour! i love your blog. :)

  10. showing love

  11. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.

  12. Hey great posts, Very Interesting, Anyways just showing you some support take care