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mardi 31 août 2010

How to: Add Link Bucks to your Blog

Alright guys, I'm here to post a HOW TO on adding link bucks to your Blog. As you may have noticed, on my "Cool Blog" list, I converted most of the links to a new URL that takes you through Link Bucks. What this does it transfer the Client (Clicker) through their website, and onto the link. This will help generate funds for your site. Heres what to do.

1) Sign up at
*Please use as referral :) *

2) Select either a SINGLE link or MULTIPLE Links

2-A) If you selected MULTIPLE, grab the HTML code from your blog post, then post it in the box, it will give you NEW HTML code to replace with the old blog post code.

3) Add in the link you want to forward, choose INTERMISSION (Unless you like the other options)

4) Post the Link Bucks link on your site.

Now, as users click on the links, they will be shortly forwarded through linkbucks, and onto the target link. By sacrificing a small amount of time, they can help generate some funding for you!

Hope you enjoyed!
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