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vendredi 16 décembre 2011

life is now like before

this night, a group of young decided that it could be fun to burn a car near the attack point...
after that, a lot of people started to panic and the police have been hardly overflowed by the call...

What goes wrong with the new "generation" ???
where is the fun to put a car in fire and to make panic a lot of people who are tromatized ?

here is the last founded victim

jeudi 15 décembre 2011

killing's day

The radio said that there is now 6 dead :-(
it still about 100 injured people, about 10 are hardly injured, they anounce that a old woman died this morning :-(

We still don't know why he done that, most part of his entourage said that he was a sympatic man, "who bring the breakfast every morning", the police find a lot of weapon at his flat, and a new dead in one of his garage.
according to his portable text log, he invited a old woman at one of his garage to kill her, nobody know why he kill her personaly.

Some people decided to organise a "White walking" (this is a < label > that have been made for this type of situation to show our support for the victime's famylies) day

mercredi 14 décembre 2011


According to the last result, there was about 3 dead + the killer death and about 140 wounded civils

It apears that the killer had 5 grenads in his bag (plus the 3 he already launch) and 9 Ammopack for his FAL...
The victims are some student aged of 15 and 17 y.o.  and a baby aged of 15 month...

This is not the first time that a man decided to shoot on civils, but this was the first and the more important attack that ever been comit in belgium.

The man who had to go to the police to talk about a sexual affair have decided to open fire on people who was waiting the bus.
he launched 3 grenades and started to shoot with a FAL...

This is the face of the killer

Picture of the shooter after he killed himself

After the shoot time 

mardi 13 décembre 2011

feel sad

Today is a bad day for my country/city...

a man decided to go in dowtown of my city and started to shoot at people...
the last news was 4 death and 70 damaged people...

realy don't understund was goes wrong in his mind :'(


lundi 12 décembre 2011

boring day

what a boring day
2h30 of  "FAT32 / FAT16 / FAT8 ?"
we spend about 1h30 to talk about this shi* :'( and the best way to break your FS on unix distributions
then after, 1h to talk about the fact that windows force you to use NTFS by breeding the FAT32
(our teacher is a pro-unix)
Why do some people think they are smarter cause they have MAC/Linux/Windows ???
what goes wrong with they ???
realy don't care of your choice !

you"re a common user 
you always click on "congratulation, you"re the 10000nd visitor !! click here, this is not a virus this is serious !!!!" 
and you don't know how to plug more than 2 string ? 
Mac is for you !
Linux could be for you

you like to improve your pc and you wont pay 1200€ for a config that cost 500€ and you use windows since the first time you've touch a p.c and you're afraid about learn how to use an other O.S and you're afraid to loose Windows graphical interface ?? 
Windows is for you !
Linux could be for you

you know some base in informatique and you don't want to pay 100€ for an old O.S. ??

Linux is for you !

jeudi 8 décembre 2011

sound like money

Today we've just play with some logical door... kinda fun game
The first who find the good plug & play connection (based on a table) win 5 €
not me :'(  :'( :'( :'(

 ps :
Just make the count and i win about 106€ with st nic's day <3

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

funny black guy

someone ask me in the last post who was the black guy who follow mr St Nicolas
This black man is called "père fouettard" in french (don't know how does other country call him)
this man is there to punish bad children, the cotum is the bad children receive a piece of coal when they make some bad things.

This "père fouettard" is maybe the reason why St nicolas don't became so comercial like Santa clos 
and for those who don't know this, Santa close was green before he became red for Coca-cola 

mardi 6 décembre 2011

i hate retarded flammish who wont speek any other langage than vlaams

First, to answer to RoR :
yes, in belgium when you're flashed by a radar, they take a picture of your car / license plate.
but they don't send that picture (you have to go to the center where the picture is, so i have to burn some Diesel to go to see a f****g picture of an another car :@
and to complet this mess, the policeman in this little city speek ONLY flamish (causes theses retard wont speek in french/english)
so... to continue...

And to answer to Adam ==> What's the difference between St. Nick's day and Christmas? 

St Nickolas's day is the 6 december, it's a celebration to a monk  "nicolas de Myre"
this celebration are fested by some européan country like Belgium, France, Sweeden, Germany, polonya,...

it's a kind of Christmas day, you offer some present/food to parents/children

Saint nicolas ==>

lundi 5 décembre 2011

realy bad day :o

todat is the St nicolas's day, all the student goes in downtown and drink together...
the problem is that a litle student (who was about 17y.o.) vomit on my shoes...
so i come back to home and fell on a police's letter...

i open the letter and they told me that i was drinving too fast the 11/26/11 at 01:26a.m. at wervik, a little city wich is about 240km far from my house
the fact is that the 26november i was at a huge party

SO WTF !!!
i think that somebody copy/paste my cars ID... feel bad :-( 
they say i've 5 day to pay 150€ :o

vendredi 2 décembre 2011

General strike

Today was the General Strike Day
the 3 major syndicate of my country decided to go in strike again our governement

After mor than 500 days without governement, (world record) our minister found an accord, the problem is they taxe MORE and MORE than before, they stop some social helps...

the fact is that belgium is one of the worst country about the taxes (you can be taxe around 60% !!!)

so our syndicate decided to proof that too much is too much :)

jeudi 1 décembre 2011

bad day today

what a bad day i had...
only one lesson for today
it took about 3hours of bus (to go and to come back from school) just for 1h30 of SGBD
Gestion System of Data Base
only to look an old faty woman wich was just reading a Powerpoint about MySql...

and to crown this bad day, when lesson finish... it rain... yeeehaaaa