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jeudi 15 décembre 2011

killing's day

The radio said that there is now 6 dead :-(
it still about 100 injured people, about 10 are hardly injured, they anounce that a old woman died this morning :-(

We still don't know why he done that, most part of his entourage said that he was a sympatic man, "who bring the breakfast every morning", the police find a lot of weapon at his flat, and a new dead in one of his garage.
according to his portable text log, he invited a old woman at one of his garage to kill her, nobody know why he kill her personaly.

Some people decided to organise a "White walking" (this is a < label > that have been made for this type of situation to show our support for the victime's famylies) day

7 commentaires:

  1. sometimes going postal is the only answer.

  2. Usually something stupid that makes them snap, wish they'd just use it on themselves and leave everyone else alone.

  3. Sad, can't believe this shit.
    Agreed Pat Hatt, can't understand why anyone would possibly want to kill innocent people.

  4. That's crazy, this story just gets worse the more I hear about it. :(