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mardi 6 décembre 2011

i hate retarded flammish who wont speek any other langage than vlaams

First, to answer to RoR :
yes, in belgium when you're flashed by a radar, they take a picture of your car / license plate.
but they don't send that picture (you have to go to the center where the picture is, so i have to burn some Diesel to go to see a f****g picture of an another car :@
and to complet this mess, the policeman in this little city speek ONLY flamish (causes theses retard wont speek in french/english)
so... to continue...

And to answer to Adam ==> What's the difference between St. Nick's day and Christmas? 

St Nickolas's day is the 6 december, it's a celebration to a monk  "nicolas de Myre"
this celebration are fested by some européan country like Belgium, France, Sweeden, Germany, polonya,...

it's a kind of Christmas day, you offer some present/food to parents/children

Saint nicolas ==>

7 commentaires:

  1. Damn coppers really can get you..haha...never knew of that day either.

  2. St. Nicolas's day sounds interesting.

  3. So who is the "black" guy with the sack?

  4. I think there are a few cultural barriers preventing me from appreciating this post.

  5. good to see that st nickolas day is still going strong in the old countries. and your version of the dmv sounds totally gay.

  6. Hey, you guys got a government! Hopefully the misidentification will speak for itself once you're there.