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lundi 5 décembre 2011

realy bad day :o

todat is the St nicolas's day, all the student goes in downtown and drink together...
the problem is that a litle student (who was about 17y.o.) vomit on my shoes...
so i come back to home and fell on a police's letter...

i open the letter and they told me that i was drinving too fast the 11/26/11 at 01:26a.m. at wervik, a little city wich is about 240km far from my house
the fact is that the 26november i was at a huge party

SO WTF !!!
i think that somebody copy/paste my cars ID... feel bad :-( 
they say i've 5 day to pay 150€ :o

7 commentaires:

  1. it is st nicolas day, and i didnt even get anything yet. :D

  2. What's the difference between St. Nick's day and Christmas?

  3. You should have killed that kid with fire!

  4. Do they require a photo of you driving as well in Belgium? I know some countries do, in addition to your license plate.