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mercredi 7 décembre 2011

funny black guy

someone ask me in the last post who was the black guy who follow mr St Nicolas
This black man is called "père fouettard" in french (don't know how does other country call him)
this man is there to punish bad children, the cotum is the bad children receive a piece of coal when they make some bad things.

This "père fouettard" is maybe the reason why St nicolas don't became so comercial like Santa clos 
and for those who don't know this, Santa close was green before he became red for Coca-cola 

7 commentaires:

  1. Hmm learn something new, stupid coca-cola.

  2. I'm talking about that guy tomorrow or the day after it. :)

  3. I never understood why they are giving precious fuel source away instead of a pointless toy, I guess it's a warning of the future if the kid doesn't smart up and be good, he'll become a coal miner or something as equally horrible.

  4. Kind of scary when you think about how much influence Coca Cola has.

  5. lol whos that?? beside to mr st nicolas

  6. Here in the States it's actually Santa who will give you coal. Having a black man punish children during Christmas probably would not go over too well here.