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mercredi 29 décembre 2010

snow is melting

i'm disgust :'(
woke up this morning and see what ?
hardly no more snow :'(
temperatur become positives, above 5°c (more than 37°f )
and my snow man died :o

lundi 27 décembre 2010

an another day of freeze

freeze on europe conitnue :o
but today was a good day, no too much snow, just a little, and the road are clean, so we can go shooping :D
i wonder more snow for the new year day <3
hope it will arrive.

my cat try to do a snow man but it's hard :D

dimanche 26 décembre 2010

let it snow let it snow

Tomorow we'll have 0°faranight  (-18c° ) and it's the first time une fifty years :o
so the snow will stay about 2 more day <3
if it continue, we'll have a white new year

And you ? what about your country ?

samedi 25 décembre 2010

Mery christmas 2

hello followers, how was your christmas ?
mine was good, i've received an ipod (1 weeks ago :D) 1 blender to make some milkshake, 1 mug (wtf ?) and 1 blue jeans :)
and you ? what was your present ?

jeudi 23 décembre 2010


Snowww   again snowwww 

snow fell from the sky on my litle belgium, i'm happy cause that the first time we have a white christmas :)
my first white christmas <3
of course, most part of our highroad are closed, truck can't drive and some shop are closed be cause nothing to sell 
white christmas <3 :-)
and you ? is your country under snow ?

mercredi 22 décembre 2010

ran over the rain

cause everything have a start point and an ending point.

hu... so tired, i finish my exams halfs an hour ago and it was so hard :o
25 pages with some theorical definition to wright... wtf goes wrong with this teacher ?
so, when i finish i ask my friends "who want to go take a drink ?'

nobody :o  they are all disguste :o

mardi 21 décembre 2010

today will

Hey hey every followers :D
just a little post cause i've got to study a lot, tomorow will be my last exams,
French exam to precise :D
it will be hard, i've 4hours of exams minimum so, i expect finish it in 5hours (above)
hope i'll do it fast cose after i'll drink with friend to celebrate this end :)

hope you've finish your exam too bro :)

lundi 20 décembre 2010


hi every body, maybe most part of you don't know what belgium is...
It's my country, and like as a lot of other from Europe, we've got a lot of trouble due to Snow !!

that's why if you have to go to europe, i warn you, a lot of airport have been closed !!!

dimanche 19 décembre 2010

it continue :(

hi every followers, 
first, i still waiting for my credit card... no news 
second...  now it's my computer who goes bad :o
this shitty Windows seven is no more interesting than Xp i see :D
5 different virus :o   and i never go on internet with so... wtf ?
i haven't internet on, i just use it to work and always scan USB before use 
don't understand what goes rong with that pc :'(

samedi 18 décembre 2010

it continue :o

Like i told you yesterday, i've "lost" my credit card and my bank have receive it...
So i decided to phone to ING Head-quarter to know how to receive back my card...

After 15minutes waiting, 4 differents people, 3 "could you waiting please ?" they told me something awesome...
"yes we have your card, no we cand send her to your home, you have to come to receive it yourself"...
have i mentionate that my ING agency is closed for a week ?

vendredi 17 décembre 2010


I'm so disgust !!!!

i've finish my english test and teacher told me that i was the First with 30/40 ( B+  ? )
So we decided to congratulate this with a good Vodka-Coca...
we all go to a bar then take drinks and sudenly my phone rong... it was "anonymous", so i told my self "must be my girlfriends... never pick up or she'll become crazy" (i've say that i've too much to study so we can"t met this afternoon).

Later i take the bus and look my phone, asking my message and ear "Hello mister *** this is your bank, just to told you we have your credit card, could you come to take it bake ?"
so i go to my bank (who's too far from my house) and ...  it was closed :'(  "close frome 12/18 to 12/24  


jeudi 16 décembre 2010

thank you

First, let me say thanks for the song you've done, some are realy good !!!

So now, i had to look after series to put on, do you have some ?
(i already have South park, Simpson, American dad, Futurama, ...)

mercredi 15 décembre 2010

hi eve...

Hi every body

Ok, for christmas my mother bought me a Ipod 8g
I'm not a fan of but don't care, just want to stuff it with some new music.

So, by surfing on internet, i've seen thist blog with some music...

But could you give me some names of groups or artist   or song ?
...        just do it :D

Thanks hope see you soon ;)

mardi 14 décembre 2010

today i've

Hellow everybody,

today i've try World Of Warcraft, Cataclysme (somes of my friends are so geek :o)

then i don't realy know how to play this game, that's maybe why i haven't take any plaisure in 30minutes....
and you, do you play wow ?

lundi 13 décembre 2010

Happy new year come !

HI every body, i'm back again  :D

hope that it will be for a long time :)    (or not)
So, i'm looking calendar and see that we are the 13th December today :o !!!!

The new Year is near (  2011  Day - 18) 

Have a nice day, hope to see you soon !

mercredi 15 septembre 2010

workers are there ?

hey, i can't make a good post today (just now in fact) but i'll do asap,   just that there are some manworker on my roof, (don't try to understand what i mean, i'm so so so so tired :D) but i'll be back in a few hours to post better ap  ;)  hope see you soon :-)

(and there is a huge hole in my roof :o)

mardi 14 septembre 2010

Hi everybody, i'm back

Hello every followers, most part of you don't come so much...
(in fact only one of you come i think :D) but it's "normal" because i've stop to post a few week ago.

it's because i've some problem at work, so don't have many times to post yet !
but i'm back, hope you'll be too :)
enjoy !

mardi 7 septembre 2010

am i the only one who have some problems with blogger ? ? ? ?
this bug so much !!!
it drive me realy crazy !

samedi 4 septembre 2010

I see that some of you asked of "whe/where famous poops is ?"
the answer that i'll give you may deceveid some of you but i have to tell the truth ! (lol)

in fact in my country poops doesn't mean anything, it's just a surname for us,
so, my brother use to call me poopies (but they know what poopies mean :'( ... bad brother :D )
then time is passing, years too, i've keep poops as surname, most of my friends don't even know what does it mean... don't care about... sorry for who want to see poop :D ;)

and to finish, tomorow will be the final of MissLiege (miss of my "state") so i hope you've vote for Miss Prescilia Lalji

on this site by voting for N°8 (prescilia Lalji)

or by sending sms 

"ML 08" at 3250


Hurraaa !!!  we've now more thant 100 followers !!!
1st : wow... i'd like to thanks all of you, ok i think that not all of you are actives, but no matters, Thanks you to follow, commenting me end show your interest, thanks you sincerly <3
2nd : i can't believe how it goes so fast, of course i take already some plaisur to post new stuff and follow/view your blog back, and i see that most part of you have interesting blog too !!!

i hope it will continue and you'll keep the plaisur to come to my blog :)
[i've made a new blog meanwhile about my futur travel in usa, if you have some time to loose, just go on :)]

Thanks again and <3

[i still greating all you help me make my blog come true, like prescilia - Germany, Leslie - USA, pascal - poland, jeremy - Alaska and of course, some of you who send me some e-mail :D]

of course, you can "investing" in me for my travel by donate, of course i know you can't give me tousand of $ or € but just a send of 0,10$/€ can make the difference, in exchange, give me a name to wrigt on a T-Shirt wich will be on pictures i'll take  in my travel  thanks in advance

vendredi 3 septembre 2010

bad day

ow, yesterday was so a bad day :'(
i've wait and wait but no interesting news from my "travel agency"
hope that today will better... in fact i'm sure that somebody have made me fail by sending bad info about me...
it drive me mad... i realy want to gos USA this year !!!  no want to wait 2 years :'( ...
hate this type of people who seem sympatic but just want to maid bad think, acting like a panda

what about Belgium

Hellow followers <3

Most of you don't know what is "belgium" and about 90% should don't know where belgium is :D
But, i would like to know (for who know what's belgium) :
do you know what's happend in Belgium ? (about Flanders and Wallonia)

actually there are some discution about a probable separation betwen north and south
 of belgium...  Wtf :-(
if it may arrive... futur will be hardcor for the south :o

i've my pass :)

Hellow every body, i just want to first thank you to still prouving your interest about my blog and second...
i hope earn money to go in a america !!!!
if it could be possible, you'll see in this next picture, a little belgian with a big smyle :)
(you too can help me to made my dreams come true, if you are millionaire, donate :D)

mercredi 1 septembre 2010

 In a few day it will be the Final of Miss belgium, please vote for this girl !!!!

on this site by voting for N°8 (prescilia Lalji)

or by sending sms 

"ML 08" at 3250


SO, pack are heberged on Megauplaud, the links are Linkbucks (check to do linkbucks in my other tread)
i know, it's boring to click on this type of link but it could finance my travel too, hope you'll enjoy wallpaper
and don't forget to say thanks if you apreciate    here you have different type of wallpapers like ... (18 differents)

  here is "nature"  (flowers, ...)   (15 differents)

  here you have differents personages (girls, zombies, ...)  (20 differents)

 these are full colors ! (beautifuls)  (24 differents)

mardi 31 août 2010


wow, it's amazing, i'm surprise of the "interest" that "i've" made ! :o

i was sure to be alone on this little blog, than i see here that i've a lot of people come to my blog !!!!!!
so first, i wanna thanks all my friends around the world who speak about this blog
(prescilia - Germany, Leslie - USA, pascal - poland, jeremy - Alaska)
and of course, they most haven't a blogger account (hope they will soon)
so i have to thanks also my new followers, most of you help me to believe in my blog and i hope you'll take plaisur to watch my blog as i take to write some "news"
i promess you to continue posting and hope my english will be better (of course you can now traduce all with the little flag up)
continue to talking about my blog around you please !!!

and hope i can meet you during my travel around the world :)

Will become in a few time :
some pack of rar countening Wallpapers
some pack of rar countening fail pictures
new post of "informations" and other share

of course, you can "investing" in me for my travel by donate, of course i know you can't give me tousand of $ or € but just a send of 0,10$/€ can make the difference, in exchange, give me a name to wrigt on a T-Shirt wich will be on pictures i'll take  in my travel  thanks in advance

if you have any idea about a new post, please tell me :)


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"do you know"

today we gonna speak about a "funny" guy who sent a lot of video on youtube,
he talk about everything, from viral video (buzz) to fail video,
most of you maybe know him, maybe not, but if you have a few time to lost
here is the link of his channel

His name is, of course, ray william johnson 

Wireless charge pad and case for iPhone 3G / 3GS


if you don't know, it's now possible to charge your mobile phone wireless, here is 2 site

have a nice day :)





site reporting about : 

English version  :
French version  :

What about a Fail pack

Hi every body
here is a new post about the Fail of life
i actually ask my self about making a fail pack wich will countains a lot of fail pictures
or an other made of stupid/funny pictures...

maybe later :)


hey guy, just wanna explain you how to make me happy :)
just vote for this pretty girl !!!

on this site by voting for N°8 (prescilia Lalji)

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lundi 30 août 2010

all starting

Que les choses commencent, bientot une foule de postes vont arrivées et tout déchirée
en Anglais comme en francais, sur tout et a propos de tout

here is just the begening
in a few time all will be in english and french, like that all every body can follow the news :-)

Here we are