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vendredi 17 décembre 2010


I'm so disgust !!!!

i've finish my english test and teacher told me that i was the First with 30/40 ( B+  ? )
So we decided to congratulate this with a good Vodka-Coca...
we all go to a bar then take drinks and sudenly my phone rong... it was "anonymous", so i told my self "must be my girlfriends... never pick up or she'll become crazy" (i've say that i've too much to study so we can"t met this afternoon).

Later i take the bus and look my phone, asking my message and ear "Hello mister *** this is your bank, just to told you we have your credit card, could you come to take it bake ?"
so i go to my bank (who's too far from my house) and ...  it was closed :'(  "close frome 12/18 to 12/24  


6 commentaires:

  1. lol wait wut, its open on christmas? ing be a fucked up bank :D

  2. damn this sounds like a prank lol

  3. i don't not know understand meaning what this is.

  4. Bad luck! Hope you can survive the break!