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jeudi 23 décembre 2010


Snowww   again snowwww 

snow fell from the sky on my litle belgium, i'm happy cause that the first time we have a white christmas :)
my first white christmas <3
of course, most part of our highroad are closed, truck can't drive and some shop are closed be cause nothing to sell 
white christmas <3 :-)
and you ? is your country under snow ?

4 commentaires:

  1. that looks nice. no snow here. we've got a big ass GM plant in this city, im pretty sure it kills a good 90% of the snow before it hits the ground with its pollution :)

  2. My country is under snow, but not where I live. Haven't seen snow in my whole life

  3. no snow yet but crazy fog
    it is scary at night and day

  4. Beautiful snow.. I snowed in Vancouver like a month ago.. now all we got is rain