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dimanche 19 décembre 2010

it continue :(

hi every followers, 
first, i still waiting for my credit card... no news 
second...  now it's my computer who goes bad :o
this shitty Windows seven is no more interesting than Xp i see :D
5 different virus :o   and i never go on internet with so... wtf ?
i haven't internet on, i just use it to work and always scan USB before use 
don't understand what goes rong with that pc :'(

9 commentaires:

  1. Ouch. Not a bsod I've seen before...but hopefully it's just a windows error and not hardware.

  2. hahaha the blue screen of death, windows never seems to fail when it comes to that screen

  3. man this may be about your RAMs. the same screen used to come to me time to time, too.(whoah so many to's)
    when i used RAM checker of windows 7, it told me there was a problem with the hardware. so i found the broken RAM stick, unplugged it and it all went well.
    you can use your warranty to replace the broken stick with a new one. good luck

  4. Yep. Gotta love the ole BSOD. Good luck figuring out your issue (hardware/software). As far as the viruses go, sometimes it can be best/easiest to just backup your important files and do a fresh format (if you have the OS disc lying around somewhere).

  5. You're having such bad luck!?? did you flip off a gypse or soemthing?

  6. I'd suggest reformat if you have that many viruses.

  7. Get a good antivirus and stop visiting those porn sites :)