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lundi 20 décembre 2010


hi every body, maybe most part of you don't know what belgium is...
It's my country, and like as a lot of other from Europe, we've got a lot of trouble due to Snow !!

that's why if you have to go to europe, i warn you, a lot of airport have been closed !!!

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  1. geez that doesnt even look like alot of snow. like u can still see the ground. whats with all these pansy pilots this year? waaahhh 4 inches of snow. thats barely nothing. grow some balls. :D

  2. i wish we had some more snow here man
    i didnt have the time to play much and when i did all had melted

  3. Lots of snow eh.. I have more snow from where I'm from!

  4. lol, this is a old picture in fact, i haven't found any new,
    last time belgium have seen so much snow as it was yesterday was in 1978
    above 39.37 inch of snow