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vendredi 2 décembre 2011

General strike

Today was the General Strike Day
the 3 major syndicate of my country decided to go in strike again our governement

After mor than 500 days without governement, (world record) our minister found an accord, the problem is they taxe MORE and MORE than before, they stop some social helps...

the fact is that belgium is one of the worst country about the taxes (you can be taxe around 60% !!!)

so our syndicate decided to proof that too much is too much :)

10 commentaires:

  1. Wow 60% is a tad too much unless you make a legitimate fortune. I think my tax rates are something like 18%

  2. That is insane, wow, avoiding Belgium.

  3. lol wait, 500 days, hasnt somalia or whever dem pirates are from not have a government for like the past 20-30 years

  4. holy crap, 60%? we barelly have any kind of taxes in here

  5. Best of luck to all of you over there!

  6. Holy crap, I hope the government has something to show for with 60% taxrate.

  7. Guess this isn't just a third world problem. Hope your country manages to overcome its differences and reach a consensus one way or the other. Are you for or against division of the country?