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vendredi 18 février 2011

about salaries

Currently, the average salary of a Belgian is about 1 150 after paying taxes.
Knowing that a beef steak cost about € 5 generaly, a 6-pack beverage costs 9 (for ICE TEA), there was recently an increase in poverty in Belgium.
Historically, Belgium has been a global economic power until the arrival of the socialists governance for Wallonia (after WW2). 

From that point, Wallonia become more poor years after years, and Flanders became more rich

Unemployment in Wallonia reached between 14 and 18% (2010 - with 4 000 000 of population)

in Flanders it reached 5.81%. (2010 - with 6 000 000 of population)

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  1. lol u left a nice long comment on my blog, i probly wont be able to make one that long. but yeah im not afraid of saying anything or being labelled as whatever. just dont give a fuck. words dont cause physical damage. as for those charts, how recent are they? like isnt greece way the fuck up ther now, they were rioting a few months ago weren't they.

  2. wuhuu! you now have 200 followers :D

  3. Interesting facts about your country but the divide is hurting the country.

  4. I'm really enjoying learning about your country.

  5. It doesn't look like Spain is doing too well...

  6. The economy is doing so bad everywhere...we need to make change