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lundi 28 novembre 2011

who's going to wall mart ?

did some of you have already "visit" a wall mart ?

when i went to USA 5 years ago, i've bought some articles in a wall mart, it was just a big market like some here, but, recently i've seen some videos on youtube, that make me ask myself "wtf is going wrong with that market ?"

take a look a this :

[Wall mart People]

[Mr ghetto - wall mart]
(just look the 1st minute)

8 commentaires:

  1. It takes all kinds of people to make world go round, very funny vid!

  2. I live in the USA, and pratically every town and city has a walmart. The county I live in has 3 of them. It's kinda like McDonalds, it's one of the worst places to go to. Not only for bad customer service, and sub-quality products, but all the human trash tends to go in there.

    There's also Target which is a much better big box store. They have about the same prices and the same deals as Walmart but with less people to put up with and a decent staff. Plus the store doesn't look like a warehouse.

  3. The people of Walmart site is a horrible place to visit. My poor eyes...

    That being said, I don't usually encounter those people at Canadian Walmarts, maybe it's an American thing?

  4. I've sadly seen people like this int eh isles of Walmart

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  5. I'm never going to WalMart.

  6. Do not want to go there!!

  7. I never go to WalMart in the first place, we have none here.