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vendredi 11 novembre 2011

4 days week end

Hi followers :)

sorry to haven't post yesterday,
i was at a huge LAN party with some friends (on black ops)
First should drink 1 glass
Second should drink 2 glass
Tird should drink 3 glass
Fourth should drink 4 glass

and if you stay 1st  3 times you should drink 3 glass

so... i use to be the first... but after an hour i have to vomit...   so... night was full of deception :D

hope your week end is fun as mine :)

9 commentaires:

  1. Ah Black Ops.... so many hours.... so very many hours.....

  2. Tequila? vodka? peyote? :P

  3. with rules like that, it's no wonder. ;)

  4. i have a new blog please follow :)

  5. isnt this carl on duty game old now?