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vendredi 25 novembre 2011


hi mates,
some of you don't understand why i'm acutaly learning basical langage (assembly)

in fact in 1st year we learn C langage and Assembly
in 2nd year we learn C#, Java and C++ (and for those who choose "Industry" Assembly too)
in 3rd we finalises competences

of course, there is also all that turn around Informatic (like Unix with the V.5), the 8088 and 80380 processors (how they run), SGBD (Gestion of Systeme of Data Base), a little about electronics (how worek Diod, Acu, ...)
and a lot else.
my favorite lessons are ASM and C langage, and two of the harder are "Structure of computer" and "Electronics"

in Structure of Computers, we're watching what's happen when you start your pc (bios --> os) all the step.

and you, what are you studiing ?

10 commentaires:

  1. Psychology. I hope I can get a decent job with this degree.

  2. I want to study computer engineering.

  3. Not studying atm, thinking about applying to collage next year. Might try to get into engineering. Good luck with your studies btw!

  4. Chemical engineering - polymer chemistry and physics.

  5. I always wanted to know more about computers.

  6. Nothing right now as I'm revising for exams, hopefully I can get into Computer Science.