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lundi 30 janvier 2012

goes on strike

as much of the European countries, Belgium has to tighten his belts and find new ways to spend public money.

The problem is that people refuse to pay for bank's mistakes (which makes sense) and also refuses to pay for all of our ministers (smaller European country, but with the most administered).

so, today was a day of national strike against the new reforms.


Examples of these new reforms:
- Non-stop work for 45 years to reach an half pension
- Higher taxes (while we are the most taxed)
- Increase the VAT rate from 21 to 22 or 23%
- Reduction of pension
- Reductions in state aid
- ...

basically, pay more and get less when we are already paying the largest in Europe (you can be taxed at over 45% as an independent) just drive people crazy.

and of course, was our first snow day since last year.

Why being punish when we have respect the rules... 
the mistake came from our minister, not from our populations !!

6 commentaires:

  1. LOL that first pick is great, welcome back to blogland too.

  2. wrong, everyone loves hockey. and good job belgium not giving a shit about bankers squandering your money, kick there asses.

  3. Kinda feel like these world problems don't affect me in NZ, but then I remember I am looking at working overseas soon and it concerns me.

  4. in france which has a standard VAT rate of 19.6 % has increased their preferred VAT rate from 5.5 % to 7 %

  5. Looks like there is corruption everywhere no matter where you go.